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Full Name: Mae Margaret Whitman
DOB: June 9th, 1988
POB: Los Angeles, California
Current Residence: California
Pets: A dog (Lenore), two cats (AC and Kramer), and a turtle (Leslie)


Hobbies: Horseback riding, singing, and swimming


Mae's pet turtle was a gift from Jay Leno when she was a guest on his show.
She collects beanie babies and keychains.
Mae attended the world premiere of the new movie "Summer Catch."--She also attended the premiere of "The Princess Diaries," "Cats & Dogs," and "Atlantis: The Lost Empire."
Her mother is also an actress (Pat Musick).

I got this information from a lot of various sites. So, I will just say thank you to all of the Mae Whitman sites out there. =)